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    General Instruction:
    Read thoroughly the given instruction below. Do not complain if you do not fully understand the game. I have the clarification zone at the reply box policy and actual game to be play. Drop your questions or concerns about the game there.


    Are you familiar with Valorant? If yes, that's good, and if no, it's okay. This game is a valorant related, and will not require you to have a knowledge or become a player of this online game. Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games, for Windows.


    ㅤ  ⠀ㅤ On this game, from the game title itself—the players or the team will plant a spike (a bomb) on the specific places that will be defuse of the other team. I will choose who will plant and who will defuse.

    All the participants of the game will be divided into two (2) teams and have a different objectives for each round—to plant and to defuse. The team must pick a leader. In addition, we have five (5) rounds on this game.





    NOTE 02 :

    The monitoring of points will be posted right after each round comes to an end.

    ╰ RULES :

    Must have 10 to 12 participants (evenly)
    Registration is a must. (limited time until slots filled)
    No exception for late registration.
    No substitution.
    No to new forum accounts. Must be 6 months old and active.
    No to unnecessary and unwanted comments.
    Deduction for every rules violated.

    ╰ PRIZE:

    After 5 rounds ends, the team with the highest points wins and will receive 3 event points to each member.

    FORMAT:(slots available 12)
    First reply will get the slot#

    NOTE 03 :

    After the slots are filled out. Will post your team and which team are you (To plant or to defuse). You will have 5 minutes, to comment who your leader will be. I will PM the map to the leader.

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