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    We currently have 3 lucky box katanas as rewards, all of which have the exact same stats but different appearances.

    Since it would not be TOO beneficial (most likely) in terms of acceptance within the glad community to change delays for various swords like was done with the different weighted legendary guns, thus varying the damage, these swords could at least have something that makes them unique.

    This is already intuitively solved by their names, by buffing the damage massives deal with a respective element equipped. For example, the fire katana could have a 10% buff to fire damage if a fire element is equipped when massiving.

    Perhaps even add a very smol fire effect when slashing, that maybe deals 1 AP damage in 0.5 seconds, with a 50% chance of happening or something. Ice katana could have a similar thing, but maybe just a slow-down effect in order to not prevent dashing completely, which also lasts maybe 0.5 seconds.

    In contrast, the katana X, somewhat implying by the name, would have any X element be buffed when using the sword, but have each effect reduced in comparison with wearing the fire katana and dealing fire damage, as an example.

    These swords right now have nothing to differentiate between them except their in-game model and name, and it would be nice if each one had different effects when worn.

    If you guys feel that a change involving delays could be possible and not break the gladiator rules, thus having swords that deal more/less than 29 damage, perhaps it can be considered as well.

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