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    My suggestion is that we lower the contents of explosives and add skillful things such as a throwing knife. This knife wont be used to replaced your primary weapons. With these molotovs, nades etc they use AOE damage which as you all know in a garden tdm, mansion atk and def, it doesnt take much to rack up damage you just stand there and spam in a hallway . This knife isnt meant to break the game. It could be just a last hit tool, where if you hit someone for 10/10 with shot guns and deal 279 damage, a throwing knife could be a rewarding final blow it. Im thinking add a little more hp and make the knife do 3/4damage. Dont know play around with it and see where the balance is?

    Maybe you could add things like an ice throwing knife, fire or poison. Doing 1/1/1/1 for 4 seconds. Could come with many skins like a ninja star?? Glass bottle?? Things youll be able to purchase through the fgun website for coins. Maybe add one that if you hit the enemy your teamates do more damage to the marked target for 2 seconds. Ice throwing knife should not slow as much and as long as an ice element massive should still be able to dash when hit but just move slow. This is not AOE DAMAGE. it is inflicted on ONE person, which is extremely fair and balanced.

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