Suggestion type: fgUnZ

Suggestion description: REPLACE turbo room

I know the majority of players enjoy Turbo rooms, and I can understand why. However, I'd like to suggest we shift from what "turbo" rooms are as of now, and REPLACE it with a "naked" room mode.

-This mode would act just like the SGO tag as in when you join the room your clothing items are removed. This way it still gives the feeling of a turbo room with quick time to kill. It'll just be that everyone is naked in the room (for the lulz?)

- or make it so that it removes the clothing items that give you stats, but still allow the player to dress up to play

-OR make this idea as another TAG option. And at that point either make it so that the players are naked (but still have full stats), or naked with no stat items.

I also realize that this idea somewhat falls under the Vanilla tag option that we have currently. Idk...bring back naked rooms!