While I think the current layout for rooms is doing quite well with having private rooms at the end, I think it can still have some improvement. There's a couple of ideas that come to mind.

-Make it so that the page numbers aren't page numbers and instead they're list/categories for private, training, duel, quest, and then "general" (tdm, dm, any other mode basically).

This way we can just click on each page to "sort" through the rooms. I do realize that the page list never exceeds 2 pages for the most part, so this suggestion might seem a bit redundant.

-Redo the hamburger icon menu (main, event, duel tourney, etc) to be the same layout that the above suggestion lists off (general, duel, etc). Also, I don't really pay much attention to it but, duel tournament never sees much use at all so maybe having the "Duel" tab can also include the duel tournament within the page. So when you click the hamburger icon (wtf is it even called????????) you'll see "main/general" (TDM, DM, every other mode not listed), Duel, Training, quest, private,

This also might help with newer players as I see often people ask how to make training rooms, quest, etc.

But again, I know with the server not being so populated that this suggestion might come off as pointless. But I do believe there's room for improvement, not that the last update with the layout wasn't an improvement.