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    Hey Freestylers,

    Get ready for a blast with our new update that brings you our custom Radar System, Ping System, bug fixes and amazing tweaks to Molotovs/Smokes/Sticky Grenades/Mines!

    FGUNZ UPDATE // 26 MARCH 2023

    • Fixed wall collision bug
    • Fixed players being able to see through walls
    • Fixed CQ NPCs sometimes not targeting players in certain scenarios (Army Men)
    • Fixed damage not showing in scoreboard in Duel/DT
    • Fixed auto team balance / team randomization bugs
    • Fixed flashbangs increasing sound effect volume
    • Fixed WIW weapons spawning below ground
    • Fixed some colored names being cut off before 12 characters in scoreboard
    • Fixed worlditems turning black if you shoot while scoping with sniper
    • Fixed CTF flags not spawning
    • Fixed bots not doing new dances for "/bot mimic"
    • Fixed several crashes
    • Refined elo system
    • Reduced damage of poison element (7 dmg / sec -> 5 dmg / sec)
    • Poison element damage now goes straight to HP
    • Modified bots to not record duplicate scrolling actions
    • Modified APM to ignore duplicate scrolling actions
    • Added "/bot teach"
    • AFK autokick system now only considers you AFK while alive
    • Decreased AFK tolerance time from 180 seconds to 90 seconds or 2 rounds of inactivity
    • QOTD no longer changes when the server crashes or restarts
    • Added free Chestnut Fedora (M) hat


    • We have created a configurable combat ping wheel system (default key: ALT) for team-based modes (and quest/cq/survival)
    • If you press and release the ping button within 0.1 seconds, you send what you have configured as "quick ping"
    • After 0.1 seconds of holding the ping button, the ping wheel and a cursor start to appear, allowing you to make selections on the ping wheel. Hover over a ping and release the ping key to send it. If you want to cancel the ping wheel without sending anything, you can move your mouse to the center of the wheel and release the key to send nothing.
    • You can customize ALL pings in options, we have created a "Ping System" category for that at your options menu
    • Start a ping with "@" to attach the ping to yourself
    • Furthermore you can change the default ping key, choose whether or not you want to see names on pings, where to show them, etc.
    • Pings can also be sent via commands (/p1 to /p9), e.g. so they can be used as macros (F1-F8)


    • We have created a combat radar system for team-based modes (except: Team Gladiator, Team Training)
    • If an enemy shoots a gun, the position of the shot is shown on the radar for 2.5 seconds
    • As long as the enemy is in sight of you or a teammate after shooting their gun, their position is tracked dynamically on the radar
    • Teammates are always visible on the radar unless you decide to hide them in options (you can hide teammates/enable/disable or change the size of the radar @ video options tab 4)
    • Enemies are shown as red dots
    • Teammates are shown as blue dots
    • If an enemy or teammates dies, the dot turns into a cross (x)


    • Increased smoke poison damage radius by 25%
    • Smoke poison damage now goes straight to HP
    • Increased smoke core thickness
    • Smoke grenades now last 10 seconds and fade off faster when their lifetime is up
    • Smoke grenades can now be used to extinguish Molotovs, causing the smoke grenade to pop instantly when thrown into a Molotov
    • Molotovs cannot be ignited in smoke grenades


    • Reduced damage of grenades sticked to yourself or your team mates by 50% (grenades sticked to enemies do 200% damage)
    • Players that have grenades sticked to them are slowed by a certain % for each grenade (only affects yourself or enemies):
    • Sticky grenades sticked to yourself slow you by 5% per sticky
    • Sticky grenades sticked to enemies slow them by 10% per sticky
    • Sticky grenades now "latch" onto enemies easier when thrown (to incentivize sticking enemies)


    • Increased Mine / Demolition Mines clip size (4 -> 5, 5 -> 6)
    • Mines can now be shot to destroy them
    • They have health equal to their damage (60) and a visible healthbar when looking at them
    • If destroyed, they explode, dealing damage in a small AOE

    FreestylersWorld Staff

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