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    My original suggestions can be found here:

    New suggestions:

    I'd like to have the ability for players holding the flag, upon death, to actually DROP the flag in place of their dead body rather than despawning the flag back to base. This would help make some interesting fights throughout the maps.

    Is it possible to add the numbe rof flags captured by each player added to the tab list? Would be nice to know who's doing the most heavy lifting on the teams.

    Maybe add some kind of clause onto those who are holding the flag. Whether giving the player extra hp/ap, movement speed, or something. Or have it so flag holder's can not use guns/items and only melee to encourage teammates to work together to ensure that the flag holder is safe to run.

    Add some sort of way to spawn on other players/areas of the map. Players could work together and have someone sit in Mansion basement while they wait for team mates to spawn on top of them to group together for a backstab rush.

    With all the new items (speed vial, molotov, ping wheel, smoke buff, stickies slowing players, etc) I think CTF could really become a popular mode. Maybe we could eventually convert Garden 500 into CTF 100.


    Add the ability for the flag holder to drop the flag at any given time. This could allow players to drop the flags in tempting places and allow for them to camp/bait enemy players into picking up the flag. Also an idea that comes to mind is being able to drop the flag into the sewer manholes in Prison 1 map.

    I'm not too sure on this suggestion but as of right now, when you're flashed, you're still able to see the enemy flag holders name and team mate pings. I'm not sure whether or not flashed players should be able to see this or not. On one hand it seems fair to be able to shoot at the enemy rushing with the flash and be able to still communicate with the team via pings. But on the other hand it seems unfair because using flash nades should be encouraged to use strategically and having the ability for enemy players to still see your name while you're carrying the flag seems a bit redundant.

    As of right now, thanks to Cyclone, the game mode allows all players infinite ammo. Not sure if thats intended? I think if it was intended that it be removed to allow players to use the AD(ammo drop) tag. And if ammo drop is not being used it would force players to actually play the game instead of camping their spawn every round since they'll never run out of ammo.

    Currently, the randomizer, and spawn switch room options have no use in this game mode. It would be nice to add these in somehow. Maybe instead of every ROUND it's every CAPTURE that teams are switched/balanced. I know it's easier for someone to just leave the room and switch sides. Somehow add a way that if a team becomes unbalanced that the next player to die gets forced to the team with less players? Randomizer I'm not sure if it's useful to find a way to add it in. Maybe add it, instead of round based, to a timer so that every 5 minutes or so the teams are shuffled? I know this whole part might be absolutely useless as CTF isn't really a mode that needs these two options added. But still something to think about/look into.

    I notice that there's a few seconds of a delay in being able to cap your flag when the enemy dies while holding your flag. I would try and cap our flag, but I couldn't find the flag spot to cap it at. It wasn't until Cyclone pointed out that there's a delay when flags are held and the holders die. While I understand it now, I think there shouldn't be a delay in having the flag spot respawn. That way when the enemy flag holder dies you can instantly cap their flag in your base instead of having to wait that extra 3 seconds. Those three seconds are super crucial as I had three instances where I would have capped if there was no delay.
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