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    One question: are any of those examples in the playlist, in purpose or considered a bug that should be removed?

    1. You can see that when any throwable/meds from the bot runs out, my character changes the weapon automatically.

    2. You can record, save and load a bot laughing, crying, salute or bow but you CAN'T record, save or load any bot dancing apparently. Your bot can only keep dancing if you do "/bot play" again while it is in the dancing animation, otherwise it stops. Also it can dance as you do when "/bot mimic" or "/bot mimic 1" is used.

    3. "/ignore bot" doesn't work against mines that a bot spawned. You will keep stepping on those invisible mines.

    4. "/bot anchor -100" make the bot moves weird mid air.

    5. You can use any item while it's invisible, i just recorded the interesting ones.

    6. when macroing "/bot play" it can be spammed to reset bot animation, the same doesn't happens with "/bot play 0" it have a delay to use again.

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