To ensure wasting time, and to look for better footage to submit ofc.


Recently, a player was reported for hacking. However, the moderator declined the report, even though it was blatantly obvious that the player was using cheats. To make matters worse, the player started equipping themselves with shotguns that do more damage than what is typically used in clan wars, making it more difficult to tell who is hacking. The player and their teammates also started using similar names with the letter "l" replaced with a capital "i" to make it even harder to tell them apart. They also refuse to play against players who they know will report them and avoid participating in clan wars when a GM is online. This behavior not only undermines the authority of the GMs but also sets a dangerous precedent for other players to cheat without consequences.

By ignoring the initial report, the moderator has essentially given the green light for other hackers to cheat without repercussions. This not only puts the integrity of the game at risk but also reflects poorly on the game's owners. It's frustrating to see this behavior go unpunished, especially when the excuse of "can't handle the loss because they are a better player" is just a weak justification for cheating. < someone who has been playing Gunz since 2009 is likely to have a lot of experience with the game and may have a better understanding of how it works and what to look for when trying to identify a hacker. Additionally, if they are a competitive player, they may have a heightened awareness of game mechanics and may be better equipped to spot unusual behavior or exploits + having competed against 1000s of players during those times, when coming across one who is cheating, it will become beyond obvious.


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