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    Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
    Iím not being dismissive but claims due to confirmation bias that you think heís hacking is throwing your mentality off the fact he isnít cheating youíre just looking to hard for it so everything seems like heís cheating. Pellets spread. Itís random. Itís not the same every round and you can prove that to yourself by watching your replays. If he was shotbotting theyíd be way more consistent at distance even at close distance you wouldnít be surviving 3-4 shots. Most rounds end in at least 600 dmg from one person on either team it so theirs definitely time to heal and get away from him.
    Definitely not everytime he is cheating, since he can toggle it on and off. Also weird that you claim itís confirmation bias, but every competitive player accuses him of cheating, irregardless which char he is on. You seem to be the only GM to think that is not cheating. Again, you donít seem to play clan wars often or more than other cw players, so i understand that itís flying over your head.

    Appreciate your input, but itís not really coming off as sincere. I remember talking to you saying the same stuff about Sky/Factor, but you dismissed it as this one, later on he got banned. I respect you as a human, but wonít be taking your advice as youíve been wrong in the past about it as well, thanks.

    PS; There is no sound of the player making for him to know where he was located or the next round in which he seemingly throws a free shot but it ďcoincidentallyĒ hits as the one in the previous one. Replay for that is provided. Yet no explanation from your side
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