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    A good portion of the systems we have in place that give rewards or some simple information about the systems of the games requires sifting through old forum posts. Most (but not all) of the information isn't even available on, let alone in-game. From what I managed to recall, these systems, which are not part of the so called "base game" from which we've evolved so so much from, include:

    • The ELO system, which modes it applies to, skull ranks, etc.
    • The weekly competition system, what the status of the competition is (whos in the lead), including info like reset time, how to sign up, etc.
    • The lucky-box system, what rewards it can give, whats a golden ticket, recycling, gifting, redeeming
    • The donation shop, how to donate
    • The event shop, where to get event points, what are event points for

    (gotten lazy elaborating on what information exactly past this point so im just gonna name systems and then get to my suggestion)

    • The VIP rank, VIP shop and VIP events
    • The report system
    • How quests work, sacrificing, etc.
    • Daily activity, daily activity rewards, activity points recovery
    • Spawning bots and bot commands
    • Raffles
    • Clan wars
    • Rebirthing
    • Streaming
    • Tournaments, tournament rewards
    • Staff applications
    • Making suggestions, reporting bugs
    • The in-game gameplay adjusting tags
    • The Capture the Flag gamemode
    • The Spymode
    • Infected mode
    • In-game command list (+elaboration)
    • The storage system
    • Melee weapon types
    • Ranged weapon types, weapon weight class
    • Explosives, healing items
    • Rings, Elements
    • The two equipment columns and their interactions with avatars

    Most of these systems already have information about them scattered throughout the forum and, and some literally don't. Like the in-game gameplay adjusting tags and the various gamemodes and storage system. You could argue that these can intuitively be experimented with for new players, but add it to the fact that players are too busy trying to learn how to shoot a shotgun when they come here, the last thing they need is more levels of difficulty. Not to mention that some of the players that have been around some time still don't know how some of these systems work.

    While a tutorial mode already is in the works by the amazing coders we have, pure information about the game that is accessible, easy to read can make a big difference. As a staff member I find myself having to answer the same questions repeatedly about systems which have information about them somewhere on the forums, like the game-update threads and the "how to get rich fast" thread.

    My main idea so far that takes the least amount of effort is to repurpose the already coded "mail system" to include "mails" that have formatted text with the information about these systems, with potential pictures (imagine elo system page with pictures of the skulls or luckybox page with pictures of the legendary items). At first, however, this can be pure text since I'm not sure how hard adding pictures and hyperlinks is.

    If a bit more work towards this idea could be done, we can have a bunch of "question mark" buttons spread over the interfaces with these various systems, like in the room creation window for the tags, or a question mark button near the relevant game-mode - quest, CTF, infected, that you can click to read about before you join the room. Events could be a similar thing, where in the event channel you have a clearly visible button that gives some background information about events, not as detailed as entering their descriptions, but of the general idea, the event points, event shop, VIP events, etc.

    The repurposed "mail system" could still include background information on things like the staff applications, tournaments, streaming, rebirthing, clan wars, etc (which don't have an obvious place for a question-mark). I can (and I'm sure quite a few people around here want to) volunteer to actually format the "mails" or whatever it'll end up being if implemented, include the text, and maintain it through updates.
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