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    IGN of reported player: Jungle

    Reason: shotbot


    First replay (CLAN_[001]_Aese_2023-05-26_22-05-10_Atropos.gzr)
    - Spectate Jungle all rounds. Some flickering hits when someone targets him (round 2 & 3)
    Watch especially the last kills in round 2 and 3.

    Second replay (CLAN_[001]_Aese_2023-05-26_22-07-39_Atropos.gzr)
    This replay is even more obvious since its battle arena; longer range hits with insane dmg.
    - Again, spectate Jungle all rounds. Impossible shots + dmg..

    Third replay (CLAN_[001]_Aese_2023-05-26_22-27-05_Atropos.gzr)
    Watch the first round and his last kill during the 1v3 situation. That flick is not possible. Also that command right after is suspicious... obvious no proof or whatsoever.

    Please let me know if you need additional info, I haven't been on the forum and reported for a while. I've got more replays in case it is needed. To me, as a long time cw player, this is as obvious as it gets.

    Also, I suspect Arenis and Scalp are also unlegit, but I will follow up once I gather more replays against them.

    Thank you.

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    1st replay looked pretty normal and so did the 3rd one, the 2nd one however he did shoot you around a corner it seemed but that was the biggest thing i could see in there, Hes using SH guns as well so his dmg output is a little higher than LBs and LBX specially. At a distance also he didnt seem to be doing crazy crazy amount of dmg tho.

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    Leaving open for other GMs

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    Hey Aese, thank you for making this report.

    Over the past few days, I was unable to be active due to some irl stuff, not only myself but also the other GMs. However, I want to assure you and everyone that despite our absence, we've made it a top priority to catch up and watch every replay that was uploaded by y'all.

    After huge investigation and careful analysis, we have reached to the following conclusion: Both Jungle and Arenis are hacking. We are positive that they used ESP, sometimes it looked like they were having Shotbot enabled as well because of their flickery aim and sometimes it looked like the size of their hitbox was larger than usual. Therefore, we've made the decision to ban both of them.

    We apologize if it looks like we were trying to argue with you, as GMs our role/job is to maintain fairness and ensure that all players have an equal opportunity to enjoy the game, sometimes people report others just because they personally dislike them or because they cannot accept a loss.

    We encourage everyone to continue reporting any suspicious activity so together we can maintain a safe enviorment.

    Both of them have been banned, thanks for reporting!

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