IGN of reported player: Jungle

Reason: shotbot

Proof/Evidence: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3ibkbu66svh8o6v/CLAN_[001]_Aese_Atropos.zip/file

First replay (CLAN_[001]_Aese_2023-05-26_22-05-10_Atropos.gzr)
- Spectate Jungle all rounds. Some flickering hits when someone targets him (round 2 & 3)
Watch especially the last kills in round 2 and 3.

Second replay (CLAN_[001]_Aese_2023-05-26_22-07-39_Atropos.gzr)
This replay is even more obvious since its battle arena; longer range hits with insane dmg.
- Again, spectate Jungle all rounds. Impossible shots + dmg..

Third replay (CLAN_[001]_Aese_2023-05-26_22-27-05_Atropos.gzr)
Watch the first round and his last kill during the 1v3 situation. That flick is not possible. Also that command right after is suspicious... obvious no proof or whatsoever.

Please let me know if you need additional info, I haven't been on the forum and reported for a while. I've got more replays in case it is needed. To me, as a long time cw player, this is as obvious as it gets.

Also, I suspect Arenis and Scalp are also unlegit, but I will follow up once I gather more replays against them.

Thank you.