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    Originally Posted by McSic View Post
    Increased explosion damage of Explosive Grenade / Blast Grenade / Grenadelauncher FG / Grenadelauncher BL by 25%

    Stay protected from explosive mayhem! We've introduced the brand new "EX/DMG Ring" to the in-game shop. Equip these rings to reduce explosive damage by 13-25% each. Stack them up to create an even stronger defense against devastating explosions!
    unsure if this intended or an oversight but it really doesn't make sense to introduce even stronger explosives that nullify the introduction of (the strongest) explosive resistant rings on top of them already being lackluster by not providing any hp/ap bonus, meaning you'll already be taking the same damage from explosives that people were complaining about prepatch on top of having a lower health pool.

    i am assuming that grenades were buffed because removal of floor/wall interactions but i don't really understand why, people were already complaining about the damage of explosives before this patch and now they're even stronger (blast nades are literally ridiculous right now lol)

    this introduced concept of explosive resistant rings. the highest is +25% explosion resistance...which is nullified by the fact explosive damage was buffed by +25%. so realistically, unless you actually bother stacking these rings, you'll be taking the same damage from grenades that already existed (which people were complaining about).

    therefore the rings are kind of placebo effect - i can't imagine someone actually bothering to equip 2 of these rings because they don't give you any sort of hp/ap bonus, and that only makes you more prone to dying lol.


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