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    sunrui journey of 1st try blender many attempts to make hammer with rain+sic help

    concept art of what wanted to try to make in gunz… emperor warhammer

    getting started didn’t know how bad i fked up already

    thinking i added textures (i didnt only shader xd)

    got textures to show up in MCV finally after noob mistakes… item still wouldn’t work in gunz bc file size

    tried again with a new mesh and textures thinking it would work… file size too big, didn’t know y but i got the textures to work…

    again started new mesh… a lot less round. found out reason for file size was because amount of faces on cylinders and round spheres were too excessive. trimmed greatly and file size went from 450kb to 8kb…very good so far

    slapped on some textures, exports fine and works in MCV… now i just have to test and then finalize to make look better

    next stop maybe custom animation


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