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    recently grenade were rework from being leveled items (1 20 40 60 etc) to be all usable at lvl 1 with the same stats

    can same be done for element ?

    for example
    level 1 fire does only 12 damage. fire molotov does 35 + AOE
    level 1 poison only does 10 damage. smoke does 1(?) dmg every instance u stay in it + AOE
    don't have "equivalent" for ice/lightning but for sake of example landmine does 60 damage + cc

    it take 80 levels to get any real "value" (lol) from these on top of them knowingly already being shit compare to meds/vials/nades
    they're conditional by requiring massive compared to their counterpart which is fine but u would be idiot to think its worth it to use over nades/vial/meds etc. at any lvl before 80 (even then still suck)

    element are obviously unpopular but fun, but i think having level limitation being removed and having the level 80 equivalent available at lvl1 would see them be use more (and save client space by removing item )

    edit : as bonus can also remove element category and just put in special items
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