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    Special Thanks for GeorgeGFX for the clan emblem!

    Sup people. I've joined a few clans here and there but haven't really found anywhere that suits me, so I decided to make my own.

    TLDR; skillmap/wallrun nob makes clan 4 himself n ppl who like 2 do that n other skill stuffs

    My IGN if you want to join: ^ADeeJayLove^9

    Or drop your ign in the thread and i'll find you in-game.

    All Chill players of all skill levels welcome.

    I don't really care what kind of gunz player you are, but the clan needs an identity, so here's something like that. once again this is NOT a requirement or expectation of members to join. This clan is fore and foremost a place with an identity I conform with and if other's feel like it's a place they might like, you are more than welcome to join for an indefinite amount of time.

    (not necessarily in that order)

    Just some rambling on where I come from and my purpose in making this clan if you like wasting your time reading that sort of thing.

    I'm a player from 06, started playing GunZ slightly after ijji's release of it and the first memory I have of gunz was entering a town tdm while the match was still ongoing, and watching a player fly around the map; wall climbing and wallrunning the back alley ways while the whole enemy team chased him. Needless to say I thought that was the coolest thing ever. what went through my mind at the time was "holy shit, look at him go! how's he doing that? damn i want to learn that, too!" and ever since then I've spent my time learning anything and everything so I could make other's feel the amazement I felt at that moment, and once I learned something and understood it well enough; doing my best to teach other's to do the same. About a year later in 07 I left ijji to join my first private server, and it was there I was introduced to skillmaps, and even better, the majority of it's player base was all players like myself, absolutely in love with weird shit like medstyle, who could finish skillmaps the fastest(and look the coolest while doing so), and 'yo, ever seen someone do this before?' kind of like seeing someone do a magic trick for the first time. that was my home for the next 2 years; during which I made a name for myself as a skillmapper(it wasn't until leaving that server during it's downfall for another server that i started to really become well known among the skillmap community but my origins as such started there) being the first to complete superflip masters course was my biggest achievement during that time(this was during it's v1 release where you had to skip it's 'crash point' but damn it, it counts!) and at the time, being the fastest at the skillmaps that were released at that time. (there are much better records now ofc. looking at you, Bunny, you freeze dash monster), and also becoming known as the "god of wallrun" yeah yeah who cares, make fun of me, but it's probably my most favorite thing to do on this game, so i'm damn proud of it! During those 2 years I found a home within that server in a clan called Avians, which is where the clan name Aviator comes from. This clan signifies being a denizen of the sky, complete freedom of movement, graceful in it's flight, and swift in it's execution of said movement. it goes where it pleases and nowhere is off limits.

    Thanks for reading.
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