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    I had an issue where I'd set my max fps to 250 and it would drop to the refresh rate of my monitor (144).
    To some it might not be a big deal, but it annoyed the hell out of me so I dug deep and found an actual fix after months of dealing with it.

    This is only for people who are experiencing FPS drops with an Nvidia GeForce card.

    1. Make sure Freestyle Gunz is closed, then right click your desktop and click "NVidia Control Panel".

    2. On the list to the left, click "Manage 3D Settings".

    3. Click the "Program Settings" and look for "GunZ Online: The Duel". If you can't find it just click "Add" then add the program to the list.

    4. Now look through the settings until you find "Max Frame Rate" and change it to 250 to 333fps. You can go higher if you want it doesn't matter, just make sure it's over 250. People typically keep it in the 250-333 region, Gunz becomes unplayable after a certain peak.

    5. Click apply at the bottom and then open up your client. Change your max FPS in-game to 250 if it isn't already.
    (I personally set mine at 275.)

    6. Viola! You will not drop under 250fps. That is unless you're being littered with meds in a Training Room.

    I can't find the reddit post, but the person said for some reason newer GPUs bottleneck GunZ even though the game is as low-end as a pixelated potato.

    Hope this can help anyone in need.
    • i'm trying to ego in a 20 year old game that we gain nothing out of.

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    *litters you with meds in a training room*


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