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    So, as I go around the Forums doing nothing(as is my job now), I have come to the realization that there are A LOT of people Moderator's, Game Masters, and members alike, arguing over(basically) nothing. Underclocking, egoing in-game, petty flames, trolls on the Forum, the list goes on and on. Well, instead of being the childish, ignorant children you all are proving yourselves to be to me, why don't we ACTUALLY try working together to make the Community better? I mean, for gods sake. Just LOOK at yourselves. People that were like, best friends now despise each other and argue daily. It sickens me to even come here anymore honestly. So much hate within the Community that was once renowned for its friendliness. Saddening, is it not?

    Anyways, getting on with the point of this Thread(if there is one to begin with), You all need to shape up. You all(including myself at times past) are acting like a bunch of three-year-olds with no parental guardians around and it is pretty damn sad. Its like everyone thinks all because Gucci, Forsaken, and UkRaiNeR left that were done. Well, were NOT. Were NOT dying for good, were NOT going to keep having a hateful community, and we WILL start being more friendly towards one another. If any of you on here had common sense, you'd realize that you still have McSic, Sniper, Girbicid, Stroopwaffels, and NitroAnon and I. I find it sad that even real life problems fall into ANONYMOUS ONLINE GAMING. It is seriously such a sad thing to watch children fight with other children over something that doesn't even affect their daily lives besides making them fatter and fatter and lazier and lazier as days go by. Whatever happened to Martin Luther King Jr's I Have A Dream Speech?

    Now, what I would like for everyone to do is this: reconcile with those you've had past grievances with, forget about past bans, suspensions, infractions, mutes, and the like; lose the hate; and move on. Let us PROVE why we were and still are the friendliest community to GunZ players, and stop all this senseless arguing.

    *To Reptar, when was the last time McSic was in-game? Or how about UkRaiNeR? Sniper? Girbicid? Forsaken? Our jobs aren't in-game. We go in-game when we want to. It isn't a necessity to do so. I can still be a giant part of Freestyle GunZ without having to play it. Also, it isn't very fun playing with 15 or so people.

    JAKA FOR GM! :wink:

    *just a hint of nostalgia! Love you all!!

    ~ Jakanadin
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