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    • Removed ESP from Warzone, added RKO to the event. ESP will now be toggled manually by the host.
    • Added Dagger Rumble as an official event. Credited to Beast.

    Dagger Rumble
    Description: This event takes place in DBZ. Friendly Fire is ON. The host will freeze & summon everyone in the center of the map to fight. Areas that aren't in the scope of the fighting arena will be mined off.
    Rules: No spiking / lagging / force-lagging. All players must equip a dagger in order to participate. You cannot use a speedy dagger! No teaming. No stalling. No hanging. Fight only where told.
    Prize: The last surviving player receives 3 event points, second to last player: 2 event points, third to last player: 1 event point.
    Game Mods: GLAD, RS
    Credited: Beast
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