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    Download the word document:

    In this thread I will explain to you what you need to do to make a map-request in the 4 chapters below.

    Chapter 1: Requirements.
    Chapter 2: Some comments and must knows.
    Chapter 3: The concept.
    Chapter 3.1: How to start.
    Chapter 3.2: Drawings.
    Chapter 4: How to post the map-request.

    Chapter 1: requirements.
    - A computer.
    - Access to the internet.
    - Pencil, paper and a scanner (or do it in any kind of drawing/Photoshop program).
    - Some Gunz in-game experience.
    - Some knowledge of the English language to make clear what kind of map it should be. And being able to reply to any kind of on-topic questions.

    Chapter 2: some comments and must knows.
    Before posting a map-request you must of course have a little understanding of Gunz and its maps.

    Gunz is a fast fps (first-person shooter) and therefore there must be some wide spaces to fight each other. It also gives a good playing experience if there are some tiny spaces where it is either hard to attack or defend (but not too many!).

    For some people it is hard to make a map and for others it’s as easy as breathing. So to make your idea successful you must make it as clear as possible what you want and how it should be.

    Third and last one:
    Gtk-radiant is until now the most used program to build a Gunz-map but it has its difficulties.
    The program has a hard time to generate walls like “/” or “\” instead of the simple block like “-” and “I”. So avoid “/” or “\” walls as much as you can to prevent invisible walls appearing out of the blue.

    Now we can move on to the next chapter.

    Chapter 3: The concept.

    Chapter 3.1: How to start.
    The very first thing to do is to decide what kind of map it should be and become.
    In this case, it’s an A&D (attack and defend) map.

    Then make a picture in your mind and visualize the map while you are playing on it with k/d/e or spray style. If you think it isn’t going to work out because there is a too large disadvantage make some changes to it in mind.

    Chapter 3.1: Drawings.
    After that, you pick up a pencil & paper and draw the side view.
    In this case it’ll look something like this:

    Don’t forget to add some notes and number so that others can find out whether you can go there or not.

    Any one should now be able to pick up the main concept of the map by now.
    Of course this section was created to make it perfectly clear what the idea is like so you’ll need to make a drawing of each layer.
    It should look something like this (if your drawn lines end up being hard to see just modify the brightness and contrast):

    Chapter 4: How to post.

    If you have read and done all the above you now should already have enough information to make a proper request.

    A request should contain at least the following points:
    • What should be mainly played / where is the map designed for.
    • Why do you think this map should be included / made (thus not because it’s my concept…).
    • The concept drawing self (make a downloadable high resolution version if u can).
    • Just tell something about the map. For instance: special spots, secret roads, credits, special abilities, easter eggs.
    • An example for texturizing (picture from google/etc) / or just a simple explanation / poll it / leave it up to the map maker.
    • Try to start a discussion for improvements / adjustments.
    • Open a poll “good / bad” or “make / don’t make” (just to see if people want it to be made or not).

    All together it should look something like this:

    This map should be designed for A&D (Attack and Defence).
    It also should hold enough space for 16 people in death match mode where it is quite easy to find each other, like sewer and such maps. But still large enough to take some distance to med.

    I find A&D a very interesting game. But it’s a pain that only the mansion map offers the possibility to play A&D properly.

    Concept drawings:
    Side view:

    Layer 1:

    Layer 2:

    layer 3:

    layer 4:

    High-resolution download link:

    As you guys should have seen on the above drawings you spawn in an almost empty room from where you can either go down to attack the other base or wait for the others to get up.
    Don’t worry there is something nice for the defence team.
    Not only do they have higher ground but they do also got 2 shafts to spam rockets and nades through.
    For the attack team it also should be possible to throw / shoot something up to the room.
    If there are too many people defending the main entrance, you simply take a de tour.
    For as you notice, on top of the spawn room there is a beautiful little shaft offering space for 1 character at a time, also the only way to enter this shaft is by nading yourself in it (with a kodachi flip for the long entrance in the centre of the map) or elevate with a teammate.

    I could imagine this map myself with 3 kinds of textures / styles.
    1. Future style.
    2. Castle style.
    3. Dungeon style.

    Feel free to deliver comments, criticism and ideas on the map regarding: play style, the structure of the map, textures, and so on.



    Download the word document:

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