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    Hello Freestyler's !

    It's time for what you've all been waiting for, Freestyle GunZ Clan War Tournament !
    Yes, we are kicking off the start of the new year with a blast.


    [Game Mode]

    Mode: - Team DeathMatch
    Members: - 4 vs.4
    Rounds: - 20 Rounds
    Winner: - The first clan to win 11 rounds, (or the clan with the most wins at the end of 20 rounds) will be declared the winner. There will be a tie breaker if it is needed.

    Time Limit: - 5 Minute Round Time limit
    Late Join: - Allowed
    Friendly Fire: - OFF
    Level Restrict: - None
    Team Balance: - OFF

    [Tournament Rules]

    • Clan Leader MUST Record & Screenshot all matches played
    • Ingame rules still apply
    • Maps will be selected by me
    • Spiking / Force lagging will result in a kick
    • If/when a player is disconnected, the game will not stop. The game will continue with or without that user He/she may join in the game once their connection is restored
    • Any sort of hacking/cheating by any member of the clan will result in the clan disqualification from the tournament
    • Turn your whispers off. It is your responsibility to come to the match prepared. There will be no QQ
    • You may only play for ONE clan
    • No Name Cloning
    • All matches will use the [V] tag
    • You are only allowed to use 2 randoms. <--- If your substitutes didn't show up.

    Violating any of the above will result in a disqualification.
    Any relevance to FLAMING me or the hosting staff will also result in an auto disqualification, there will be no warnings.

    All matches are to be recorded.*

    If you suspect someone to be playing unlegitly, please post a thread and this will be dealt
    with ASAP. There on, the player will be banned from Freestyle GunZ & the clan will then
    be disqualified.*



    • Clothing - Max 125/100
    • Melee - Anything < Lvl 30
    • Range - Shotguns - Pioneer + Cruelizon ONLY
      Double Shotguns - Anything < Lvl 30
      Sprays - Anything < Lvl 40
      Revs - Anything < Lvl 40
      Rockets - Anything < Lvl 30
    • M-R Kit / Grenade - Medical Kit RX III & Repair Kit RX III (Level 50 meds)

    *Rules & Equipment are subject to change at anytime*

    [Tournament Prizes]

    1st Place
    -200 Coins To Each Member of the team that participated.

    2nd Place
    -150 Coins to Each Member of the team that participated.

    3rd Place
    -100 Coins to Each Member of the team that participated.

    Tournament will be hosted on the 5th of January 2012 and if it's not finished then it will continue on to the 6th.
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