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    What Do We Do Here?

    Talk about anime, manga, and general otaku culture. From making a post about show you particularly liked, sharing a meme or GIF, or answering questions about a confusing plot, all can be discussed here. Remember to keep it clean and stay nice, everyone is a friend in this section.


    1. All other forum rules apply (such as, but not limited to, rules about behavior, type of material posted, etc).
    2. We discuss anime here, off topic material will be treated as such and trashed.
    3. As said before, but specified again, no adult material, this include hentai and explicit doujinshi.
    4. Check stickies and open threads prior to making your own.
    5. Spoilers are in place for a reason, USE THEM!
    HTML Code:
    [spoiler]Darth Vader is Luke's father.[/spoiler]
    Furthermore even if your thread contains the title of "Spoiler", this does not negate the need for spoiler tags.

    You reveal something about a show, use spoiler tags (they are there for a reason), no exceptions.

    For Example:

    Boku no Pico

    Stickied Threads:

    [OFFICIAL] What anime are you currently watching?

    Commonly Asked Questions:

    Question: Where can I watch anime?

    Answer: I suggest: AnimeFrost, Crunchyroll, Funimation, GoGoAnime or KissAnime.

    Question: How do you keep track of shows you've watched?

    Answer: MyAnimeList, Anime Planet, or AniDB.

    Question: Can I talk about Avatar, Archer, etc here?

    Answer: This section is for eastern animation only.
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