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    a followup suggestion to a suggestion i made in the past and is current in the thread

    DFD [GLAD]/King of the Hill TEAM MODE
    Description: This event is hosted in the map 'McBrickz'. Everyone should equip training swords. When the game begins there will be a team deathmatch between players divided equally, where both teams will slash or massive each other to oblivion. Due to the extreme knockback from slashes and massive because of [S300], players can die easily. The team that kills the other team wins the round, 11 rounds total.
    The team that won more rounds (best of 11), will win where every member of the team (or alternatively, players who have less than a certain number of deaths/not afk (there are many other ways to check contribution instead of just giving everyone in the team a point)) gets 1 event point.
    Rules: No Forcelagging / Spiking, player(s) who have a non-training sword when the game starts will get kicked, No switching teams, late join (should be) off so players cant join on the last round to the winning team.
    Game Mods: ESP, G75, GLAD, S300

    additionally, wanted to add since there was a successful test of the king of the hill currently in that thread, that i will be making another map designated for it if it becomes official.
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