Deadly Parkour
Tags: G20 J20 S300 GOD NG NI NS
Game State: Event takes place in mcbrickz, team training. All of the players will be holding no items with low gravity and an insanely low jump height (basically a boop off the ground). GOD tag is enabled so players dont die except by the void.
Description: The host will be chasing players using an admin sword trying to make them suicide like in medstyle. Due to the gravity and jump, the only way to get back to the top is parkouring by bouncing off walls. Due to s300, each slash of the host knocks back quite far. The host can also flip players which will make them fly away due to low gravity and slash players who are animation locked due to the bounce causing them to die. Last player alive wins.
Rules: no lagging/forcelagging/elevating.
Note: esp can be enabled and thus make ot easier for the host but also easier for the players, yet this enables targeting players who just try to glide off far from the map and come back, which is allowed.