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Thread: [Suggestions] Event Ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zabu View Post
    Name: Lunge The Staff
    Objective: This event is hosted at Stairway map, This event is similar to the official event Flip The Staff, but you gotta use only daggers, your objective is to lunge the host off the edge (kill him by lunging him into oblivion).
    The host will have dagger only, and he'll be running around the map trying to survive.
    Rules: No using swords, No Macroing, No lagging/spiking & Don't camp.
    Room tags: [ng][ni][m].
    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
    This is a twist i came up with that a host can use in his DFD Event whenever he hosts it (which is never).
    by adding the [J0] tag to it, players can no longer get back up to the upper platforms as easily, which gives them an incentive to either medstyle or grenade their way up, slower than they would if they had the ability to jump. this also makes camping harder as you cannot jump over a grenade at your feet to avoid getting too much knockback from it which overall makes the game more intense and challenging.

    Tested both events, both of them are absolutely viable as events.

    DFD without jumping makes it a bit more difficult for people to stay alive and shortens the event time so I actually like it.

    Lunge the staff is an interesting twist because you can't camp and spam flip the entire time, if you mess up your lunge to kill me, you can die yourself.

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