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    [Difficulty: Easy/Moderate] Minor technology knowledge is required.

    What is "FPS"?
    FPS stands for [F]rames [P]er [S]econd

    Why is it important?
    GunZ is a bit different with both games but generally the better FPS (up to a point) means it will run smoother.

    What is optimal FPS?
    As I said, GunZ is different the "standard" 60 fps is quite choppy in GunZ so I'd recommend to try to get at least 120 fps with a cap of 333~350 your choice.

    Alright how do I get more fps?
    Read the guide below and diverge into its subsections depending on what suits you. (If you're confused just read ahead)

    Guide Part 1: Updating Drivers
    1. Identify your GPU/Video Card Manufacturer. To do this you have a few options:
      A. Press Start -> Run -> Type in "DxDiag" -> If prompted press yes/no (Doesn't matter) -> Go to the display tab -> The first thing you will see is "Name: " note what's after it specifically the first part. 99% of the time it will be either NVIDIA/AMD/ATI/INTEL
      B. Locate your FGunZ folder -> find your mlog -> Read the 5th/6th line it should say "Display device = " XXXXX -> Once again remember the manufacturer and your GPU.

    2. Find Appropriate Drivers, Download, and Install them.
      A. Depending on your manufacturer that you noted in Step 1, I have created links to their automatic driver detection link. Java will be required. If you know your card you can also look it up manually.
      NVIDIA Driver Page (Manual or Automatic Methods)
      AMD/ATI Automatic Detection
      AMD/ATI Manual Download
      Intel Automatic Graphics Driver Update
      Intel Manual Drivers

    3. If prompted, restart then try and run GunZ.

    Guide Part 2: Overclocking
    Before you think something stupid, no you won't get banned for overclocking your video card, there is a general misconception with overclocking that I explained here.
    On another note, I also won't teach you how to overclock a video card on the forums. It's too difficult to explain in the size that I want to keep this thread thus I will redirect you to a few guides:

    Guide Part 3: Last Ditch Efforts
    1. Try Running Archetype Mode
      A. FGunZ has this option built in. To toggle it go to Options -> Misc -> Make sure the Archetype Config box is checked.

    2. Change all settings to Medium/Low
      A. To do this, go to Options -> Video -> Change all the drop down boxes to "Low" or "Medium" depending on what you can run. Also try unchecking the various effect boxes as this may help slightly.

    3. If all the above did not help you, there is nothing more you can honestly do. You NEED a better computer at this point there are no if/ands/buts to it.

    Closing Notes
    1. Game Boosters: It's been widely spread around but in my personal and/or professional opinion I do not see game boosters as helping with FPS issues. I think they just cause a placebo effect but once again, this is simply my opinion. If you feel that it helps and are okay with legally obtaining (and wasting your money) on one, feel free.

    2. This is as straight forward as I could possibly put it, instead of trying to PM me read it over a few times. I cannot translate this and I cannot suggest anything more. If you can't figure it out try windows update as it sometimes does update your graphics drivers to a more recent but not always the latest version.

    3. GunZ is an old game, this is just a general method to getting more FPS in all games, not just GunZ but if you honestly have trouble running GunZ please, please, PLEASE consider upgrading and doing the world a favor.

    4. If you're using Windows 8 because of the native direct x 10/11 support using a direct x 9 frame limiter is not as effective. You will want to increase your upper limit to about 405 to get 333 fps locked in.
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