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    This is a living document. This means that the rules and regulations are updated and changed as required. You should check the rules on a regular basis.

    1. Introduction
    2. General
    3. Game Play
    4. Character / Clan Name Policy
    5. In-game Chat
    6. Account Sharing
    7. Selling / Buying / Trading
    8. Donations

    1. Introduction

    These are the rules that the Freestyle GunZ staff and community expect you to respect and follow whenever you play on Freestyle GunZ. Failure to follow the rules will result in a punishment, which could include being banned from Freestyle GunZ. Not knowing the rules or failure to read the rules does not excuse you of being punished. Freestyle GunZ staff members have the right to temporarily or permanently ban anyone in violation of any of the Freestyle GunZ and FreestylersWorld rules.

    2. General

    • You will respect all staff members and your fellow players
    • Cheating to gain an unfair advantage by using third party programs, exploiting the client, game mechanics, the database, website, or any other bugs are strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated
    • Bugs which give you an unfair advantage should be reported to the administrators and developers
    • Threatening staff members, the server, forums, or players is an offence that can lead to a ban
    • Harassing staff members and your fellow players is not tolerated
    • We will never ask you for your password, do not give it out. The only place to enter your FGunZ password is at, and the FGunZ client
    • You are responsible for your own account, do not lend or give out your account details to anyone else. If you do, we are not held liable if you lose your account
    • Sharing private information of other people is not tolerated. Including but not limited to passwords and IP addresses
    • Adding staff members to any instant messaging service is a privilege. Do not abuse this privilege by asking or requesting for staff positions, items, or any type of modification to your account
    • Do not request any kind of hack on here, or anywhere else for any game of any kind. If you requested a hack for Freestyle GunZ, you will be permanently banned
    • You will respect the staff members outside of Freestyle GunZ and FreestylersWorld

    3. Game Play

    The following things are forbidden on Freestyle GunZ, but is not limited to:

    • Exploiting bugs or cheating of any kind to gain an unfair advantage in-game
    • Killing a player for "free" several times (swapping)
    • AFKing in Capture The Flag game-mode to gain experience without your input
    • Editing Freestyle GunZ files to enable exploits or cheats
    • Using and/or sharing third-party programs that give you an unreasonable advantage over other players
    • Clan and character names that suggest a connection with the staff at any level
    • Any cheat, method or way to attempt to increase or bug your or your HP, AP, weapon, item, damage, etc
    • Exploiting game mechanics to make monsters not attack you
    • Making yourself unable to be attacked when you should be
    • Using macros to spam attacks, moves, etc.
    • Impersonating staff members

    Punishments for breaking the rules we have set can be found here.

    4. Character / Clan Name Policy

    When you create a character, we expect you to create a name which is not disturbing in any way.

    You will not:

    • Create an offensive name
    • Create racial names
    • Create names which are used to impersonate staff members
    • Create names with alt codes (Special signs, spaces, etc.)
    • Create names which disrespect any player

    The repercussions for breaking these rules will range from character deletion, to an account warning or in the worst case scenario, a ban.

    5. In-game Chat

    You will behave yourself in any kind of chat of Freestyle GunZ. This includes private chats.

    It is forbidden to do the following, but not limited to:

    • Use swear words or other inappropriate language, regardless of the language you speak
    • Racial and sexual abuse, slurs and inappropriate comments are strictly forbidden
    • Spamming (undesired, unsolicited bulk messages, repeating the same word or sentence many times to get attention or to interfere with normal operations)
    • Flaming (messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting)
    • Faking tag (or other tags not suitable for players)
    • Asking/begging staff members or anyone else for free stuff
    • Using any language other than English when speaking to a staff member (If you do not speak any English then try to find someone to help translate)
    • Talk about or sharing any type of cheat or exploit
    • Spam or continuous discussions about cheaters, take a screenshot and report them
    • Settling disputes in open areas.
    • General inappropriate religious, racial, nonsense, inappropriate humor, spam or garbage conversations which the entire server does not have interest in and should not need to hear
    • Provoking people
    • Advertising and posting links to other servers. Even with no advertising intended

    Penalties for breaking these rules include receiving a mute; getting kicked from a room; getting a warning; receiving a suspension or being banned from Freestyle GunZ.

    6. Account Sharing

    It is not against the rules to share your account, but in case your account gets lost, stolen or banned, we will not provide any support at all.
    We highly recommend you to not share your account information with anyone else.

    In the case that you do share your account and something does happen, we will not provide support regarding anything related to your account.
    That includes but is not limited to an account recovery, password change, email change or an item or donation refund.

    7. Selling / Buying / Trading

    You are not allowed to sell/trade/buy accounts, items or other goods/services.
    Penalties for breaking this rule include an account warning or possibly a ban.

    If you get scammed because you tried to buy / sell / trade anything, we will not provide any support, this means that you will not see your items or coins back nor will we remove the items or coins from the other person's account, you must take responsibility for your own actions.
    In-case you lost access to an account you bought or traded, we will not provide any support either.

    8. Donations

    • Freestyle GunZ is a free service, we only have users, not customers
    • Donation gifts will not be restored if lost in any way
    • Freestyle GunZ reserves full rights to not send out donation gifts for any reason
    • Donations are NOT refundable, if you open a case against us, you will get banned
    • Trying to abuse any of our donation methods is an offence which leads to a ban and will get treated as such
    • Donation items will not be changed to other donation items or moved to other accounts
    • Every payment towards FGunZ with any payment method is considered as a donation
    • We are not responsible for payments that have failed to proceed
    • If you gifted coins to the wrong account then we will not recover those coins
    • We have all the rights to modify your donation items at any time
    • You have 12 hours after the purchase of an item to ask for a coins refund, this excludes: lucky boxes, VIP, name change, warning removal and consumables
    • You may only ask for a coins refund 1 time on each account
    • All donation items purchased are only withstanding for the time the game holds up unless said item does not relate to the game

    We reserve the right to change, edit and remove donation items and rules at any time, for any reason, without notice.
    In case you have made a mistake and donated too much, you should inform us right away.

    Players who open a dispute or charge-back will be permanently banned.
    Besides that, all the coins, items or lucky boxes they gifted to other people will be removed.

    The only way to receive an unban when you have opened a dispute or charge-back against us, is by cancelling it. If you have won the case, you will have to donate the amount you originally donated back to us.

    Note that players have complete freedom and you don't have to pay in-order to get special items or VIP benefits, these are only how we treat our supporters and donators. You may also get special treatments by winning events, participating in raffles, and supporting our community and games.
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