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    Welcome to the Freestyle GunZ 4vs4 CTF (Capture The Flag) tournament!
    So basically I thought of making a tournament which is a bit different so new people will take a part.
    The tournament is 4vs4 in CTF (Capture The Flag) mode.


    * CTF (Capture The Flag).
    * 4 vs 4 (8 players in general).
    * First team to score 7 flags will declared the winner team and move onto the next round.


    A replay must be taken (preferably by the group leader), if prompted and a replay is not given by any of the candidates then you will be disqualified.

    * Both teams must agree on a map (doesn't matter which map), Then after the tournament spots will be filled up, I'll be posting a new format about map picking, the "Team leader" will post the map he wants to play on (You will be asked to use the map picking format every round and you will use it on forum) if both teams will argue / disagree about the map I will use a random system / web to pick the map for them.

    * Any sort of insultive behavior will not be tolerated, nor will spiking/force-lagging.

    * Having the same name or a similar name is not allowed.

    * No spectators aside from GMs are permitted.

    * You are not allowed to have anyone else play the tournament for you (we are able to see if you do).

    * If anyone disconnects without a valid reason for the disconnection then the other team will not be forced to wait. In case there will be a valid reason for the disconnection, the scores prior the disconnection will however remain the same.

    * Only the items found below will be permitted, any other items found will result in a disqualification.

    * The [V] room tag must be used.
    * No donation items are allowed.

    * Elunge / Eflip are NOT​ allowed.

    * No use of 3rd party programs will be condoned. If anyone is caught using them, the actual team will be disqualified and his account will be permanently banned from the server.


    * Any choice of clothing is permitted except avatars and donation/event clothing.
    * You must equip only Rusty Sword or Rusty Dagger (Level 0).
    * You must equip any weapon under lvl 50 (including lvl 50) it can be spray,snipers,shotguns etc.
    * No Vials (Recovery / Repair / Acceleration).
    * Pills are fine.


    Reply in this thread the following information below:

    * Team name: (can be a name of your clan)
    * Participants - 4 names that you and your team are going to use. Make sure you include colors if you have any:

    1. (Team leader)
    (Player number 2)
    (Player number 3)
    (Player number 4)

    * GMT of all the 4 participants:


    Once you have completed a match against your opponent, you are required to take a screenshot of the final score (must be in-game) and a replay of the full match.
    Send me a private message with this format once you have completed a match:

    * Your name:
    * Opponent name:
    * Screenshot:
    * Replay:


    Number of spots:
    All the spots are taken!




    First place:
    * You can choose one of the tournament items (Orange/Cyan Tournament Sword, Tournament shotgun or the Snorkel hat (F/M) ) and 200 coins.

    Second place:
    * 200 Coins

    Third place:
    * 100 Coins

    Any questions regarding the tournament, simply click

    I wish the best of luck to all of you! and may the best team win!
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