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    Suggestion title: Kicking changes for when a staff enters a room.

    Suggestion description: So when a staff member joins a game, we evoke all kicking rights from the room, I guess so we don't get kicked from the rooms for events. Can we change it so staff members can't get kicked from the room but not take away kicking rights from the room (excluding the event channel)

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    FGunZ - Website

    Suggestion title: Shopping cart

    Suggestion description: Like the title suggest a shopping cart for the Donation, Event shop. You know like amazon or any other shopping website. More organized.

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    Suggestion title: Training Snipers

    Suggestion description: Yep, training snipers, they'd be nice, nuff said.

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    Suggestion title: A alternative fire for large sword

    Suggestion description: Perhaps a bashing motion with large swords like a shoulder charge that knocks players on their back like they were lunged. (Excluding Large swords x2)

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    Suggestion title: In-Game Emoticons

    Suggestion description: Some form of them would be nice '-'


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