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    This is a list of things we will absolutely never add to the client, website or forum. They are not open for discussion.

    • Anything involving changes in current donation coins or event points
    • Ping or country limit/restriction roomtag
    • No donation items roomtag
    • Coins or event points reward upon completing quests
    • Trading, buying or selling
    • More character slots
    • Colored clan names or clan name change
    • Convert donation items back to coins or exchange to other items
    • Voice chat in-game
    • Increase the maximum level
    • Emoji's like 'lock' or 'kappa' for the forum chatbox (or any suggestion for a new emoji)

    Refrain from suggesting any of the above things.
    This list will be updated every now and then so keep an eye on it.
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    Added (to avoid spam and unnecessary suggestions that will be declined over and over)
    • Emoji's like 'lock' or 'kappa' for the forum chatbox (or any suggestion for a new emoji)

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