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    IGN of reported player: Dabifer/Dabiffer/****eyJim (All alts)

    Reason: Flaming

    Proof/Evidence: Album format:

    Additional/Background: (If you're wondering how I'm above the map, a dev (Irahanik) teleported me up there ) Joined a training game and got killed by Dabifer. I replied with something similar to "y u do dis" and he instantly got pissy with me. I wasn't provoking any hate. This escalated for some reason, where he began calling me and others in the game homophobic slurs. I didn't screenshot these, but he repeatedly rejoined the game on other characters, and never stopped flaming, even after being asked to stop. He even went as far to tell someone they wouldn't accomplish anything in life, because they are a simpleton, which is a little more serious than calling some people names. What I caught was the tail-end of his rampage. The album begins with him on "****eyJim", and he rejoins as Dabiffer and says "sup guys", and he rejoins again as Dabifer in the last SS.

    EDIT: You can ask Irahnik or Ryan (I think he was there... actually is he even staff? Lol) about flaming previous to my screenshotting.

    EDIT2: Irahnik's agreement
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    Warned and muted.

    >>> Credits to zompu @ DevaintArt <<<

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