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    Post your forum name (required) and a reason (optional) as to why you do not want to be in the Section so the Forum Moderators can keep track of which names to look out for and make sure no one intentionally includes you in their threads or posts without your permission. No format is required; just your name and a reason, if you would like to post one. Also, keep in mind we will try to make sure we go over every post in the section but it will be difficult, so if we do miss a post where you are mentioned, please PM a Forum Moderator so that actions can be taken.

    It is your responsibility to check this thread often for updates to make sure if you would like to take part in this section that you do not post about someone who is in this thread otherwise you risk receiving a serious punishment, click here to view the section rules.

    Note: If your name is on this list, you are also not allowed to make threads regarding other people!

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