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    Considering people are going to really want this, I've updated the main prizes on the main thread and removed a few posts.
    Re-read over the prizes now, it should be much "better" for the substitutes in the top 3 finalist teams as well.
    Take note of this too though: I am NOT changing the prizes anymore, either take it or leave it. Please also keep note that substitutes are not able to be removed once they are placed into a match.

    What was added:

    Note: All coins will be split up between all 6 players, not directly sent to the leader

    * First Place Prize: The entire team (including substitutes) will get to choose between the Orange or Cyan Tournament Sword or the Tournament Shotgun, each player (including the substitutes) will also receive 200 coins.

    * Second Place Prize: Each player will receive 150 coins. *this includes substitutes*

    * Third Place Prize: Each player will receive 100 coins. *This includes substitutes*
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