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    As you may know almost every post of a Signature, a large picture or any other creation requires CnC for the user to improve their skills.

    CnC is an abbreviation for Comment and Criticize, which basically means that you may comment and criticize about what you think of the creation and what the user could do to his/her design in order to improve it.

    For example if I post a design that's too blurred, the CnC that can be given is something like:

    I like the picture but I think it would look better if it was more clear, it's too blurry in my opinion.
    You may say "I don't know how to make signatures though so I don't CnC." well the thing is, you don't need any experience in using Photoshop or any other software in order to CnC on a design.

    If you are looking to just cause negativity within the thread by posting unnecessary statements such as:

    I don't like it 1/10
    well then, don't post at all! Some artists in here are new to this and simply want CnC in order to improve their abilities.

    If you want to CnC, simply post what you like and don't like and include a suggestion on what you would do (or think) should be done on how to improve it. When you say you don't like the design for whatever reason, say why you don't like it, and how the person could improve it further.

    Also for the rating system, I see a lot of people just giving 1/10 ratings because they don't like the person that created the design, a simple solution for this is If you don't like the person that created the thread, DON'T BOTHER LOOKING AT IT OR POSTING IN THE THREAD! This is the most efficient solution because you won't end up starting a series of flame/spam posts which can lead to serious repercussions ranging from a verbal warning to an infraction depending on what you posted.

    Furthermore when giving feedback, if you are going to give a 8/10 instead of a 10/10 please be sure to include a reason for dropping those 2 ratings. If you like someone's creation very much and post for example an 8/10 instead of 10/10 then mention why you didn't give the 10/10 because people want to know what they need to improve on to achieve that 10/10 rating.

    For the new comers to this world of graphic design, if you are beginning to notice that you may be acting upon the CnC you received to an extent and yet still end up with relatively low ratings by your peers, or getting very mean criticism, as we know I know not many of the other GFXers of this community go easy regarding feedback, we would like to say that we all started off being new to making a piece of work, whatever it may be. Don't be discouraged if someone criticizes your piece of graphics, because all they'd like to do is help you hone your skills and further your development in this area of work.

    Take a look at a few of this forums' GFXer's first attempts, and their present-day work:

    Adam ~ "I use to know absolutely nothing about Photoshop, but from the CnC I received, I've gradually gotten better."








    Thanks goes to Adam, EpicKLF, Resort, and Rhysin for providing their work, and for giving permission to use them.

    In this section there seems to be a lot of arguing about "being too harsh", "offending people" or just telling the truth" and all these things you read that are posted by other people. In regards to this matter there are 2 main points must be addressed before someone continues on to posting in this section, and they are:

    1. Game design is different from other arts (commonly), this means that you aren't totally free to do what your creative mind wants. It has rules and standards of what makes something "good" or "bad". It's more like architecture, so more technical, to know what these rules and standards are, you need to model/design things yourself. If you don't model you cant possibly know if its good or not. You can only give your opinion on how it looks like, you are allowed to do that but don't start arguments with people who do model, because it will make you look dumb. Game design isn't mainly about if something looks good or not, it's more about something being useful/use-able.
    2. Some people think the replies given are too harsh on people, the reality is that we are just saying the truth. Like I explained in the in the first point, people who are great at this area of design are criticizing based on facts, they can try to explain it to the people who do not know modelling but it will only confuse you further, you have to do it for yourself to understand. We are just trying to help you and if you can't take the criticism we give then don't post in the first place.

    Please refer the points listed above before you start another argument or try looking smart in the custom maps & items sections.

    A last reminder, please follow the rules in this thread before posting on someone's hard made creations, it's not funny to just make fun of someone's work while they have put in a lot of effort into it.

    Thank you for reading
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    Bump; a reminder to anyone who wants to reply on another persons work in the GFX section.

    CnC instead of just saying I like it, This is good or anything in area, please tell the OP (original poster) aka the artist why you think it is good (or bad).
    And if you cannot tell why you like it or why it would be good, just hit that thank button instead of replying.

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