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    Welcome to the Freestyle GunZ 2016 Capture The Flag Tournament!
    Off topic/troll comments are highly prohibited, only related comments.

    * CTF (Capture The Flag)

    * 3 vs 3 (16 teams of 3 players).

    * First team to score 7 flags will be declared as the winner team and move onto the next round.

    * A replay must be taken, if prompted and a replay is not given by any of the candidates then you will be disqualified.

    * Any sort of insulting behavior will not be tolerated, nor will spiking/force-lagging.

    * Both parties must agree on a map (doesn't matter which map). If both teams will disagree about the map, I will be picking the map for them.

    * No spectators aside from staff are permitted.

    * You are not allowed to have anyone else play the tournament for you, we are able to check if you do.

    * If anyone disconnects without a valid reason for the disconnection then the other person will automatically win. In case there is a valid reason for the disconnection, the scores prior the disconnection will however remain the same.

    * The [V] tag must be used.

    * No donation items are allowed

    * Acceleration Vials aren't allowed.

    * E-lunge, flip aren't allowed.

    * No use of any 3rd party programs will be condoned. If anyone is caught using them, their team will be disqualified and his account will be permanently banned from the server.

    * Any choice of clothing is permitted except avatars and donation/event/vip clothing.

    * You must equip the Rusty Sword or Rusty Dagger.

    * You must equip any weapon under level 60 (including level 60) and by any weapon I mean shotguns, revolvers, sprays, snipers... etc

    * Donation/VIP meds aren't allowed.

    Spots: [16/16]


    Please note that once a substitute enters, the other player is automatically out of the Tournament. This is because it would be hard for us to decide who gets the prize(s).

    NOTE that you must include your color name.

    * Once you have completed the entire match against your opponent player, it is mandatory that you take a screenshot of the final score (must be in-game) and provide the PM with a replay of the full match.

    * Send Sam a private message with this format once you have completed your match:

    Your team name:
    Opponent team name:
    Note, do NOT send this to anyone else as it will not count - PMs sent to Sam only will count.

    * Upload your replays to and your screenshots to

    * You must start recording from the beginning of the rounds, to the end of the rounds. Everything should be in 1 replay with ALL 20 ROUNDS. Providing a screenshot with no proof of a replay will not count.

    Thank you PainSama for creating this awesome tournament bracket!

    Round 1

    * Format: Team name : Player1 Player2 Player3 vs Opponent team: Player1 Player2 Player3 - Map - Winner

    * birdz : ^9Ricky^E ^GLus^1hen ^9Eagle^1 vs *****s from bahrain : Kai Sayoren straitdab4wz - Factory - *****s from bahrain

    * dmg reduce : iSwingShots Kingdom Sunlite vs *****RaisedUp : Husky Beastkorean Casion - TBA - empty

    * oy gevalt : Chinato Ace Ikoma vs Kapotgoed : Sex Luuk ^3Kin^5g ^2Deon^3 - Town - oy gevalt

    * Tousen : Dictionary Genesis Decapitate vs 3LCK : xStorm Sovran MagieC - TBA - empty

    * Double Ofek : ^2R^9eba^2r^9 ^1ColinOdo^F ^9-^0J^9an vs Rage : Aynia Phatcat godfu** - TBA - empty

    * Fenix : ^8Mol^Aten^7Lava ^9Mattie^A ^0Ph^9oe^Cnix^1 vs OverTime : Shot_user1 Rally Curor - TBA - empty

    * TheSingaporean : Jin ^7Seth^E Vow vs YourMom : Ommadawn ^9Mex^C ^9Mex^0 - TBA - empty

    * Unlegit =) : Lines Jap_bbb hasj vs Pro3s : ^1-^GZabu^1-^C ^0Polar^6Bear^E ^7A^9qua - TBA - empty

    Round 2

    * Format: Team name : Player1 Player2 Player3 vs Opponent team: Player1 Player2 Player3 - Map - Winner

    * *****s from bahrain : Kai Sayoren straitdab4wz vs dmg reduce : Sunlite iSwingShots numba1killa - TBA - Empty

    * oy gevalt : Chinato Ace Ikoma vs Tousen : Dictionary Genesis Decapitate - TBA - Empty

    * Rage : Aynia Phatcat god**** vs Fenix : ^0Ph^9oe^Cnix^1 ^9Mattie^A ^8Mol^Aten^7Lava - TBA - Empty

    * YourMom : Ommadawn ^9Mex^C ^9Mex^0 vs Unlegit =) : Lines Jap_bbb Yui - TBA - Empty

    Contact list:

    * *****s from bahrain : León

    * TheSingaporean : lmaolol1

    * Rage : Aynia

    * Unlegit =) : Portgaz

    * Double Ofek : Re Bar

    * Pro3s : Zabu Z

    * Kapotgoed : Sex

    * OverTime : AMR#

    * Tousen : PainSama

    * Fenix : Tomas_Edison

    * 3LCK : dendi

    * birdz : Eagle

    * *****RaisedUp : Shainette

    * YourMom : Mex

    * oy gevalt : Arances

    * dmg reduce : Profound

    * First Place Prize: you will get to choose between the Orange or Cyan Tournament Sword, Tournament Shotgun or the Snorkel,
    you will also receive 400 coins (One of the tourny items + 200 coins for substitutes).

    * Second Place Prize: Each player will receive 300 coins (100 coins for substitutes).

    * Third Place Prize: Each player will receive 200 coins (75 coins for substitutes).

    Orange & Cyan Tournament Swords (preview):

    Tournament Shotgun (preview):

    Snorkel (preview):

    If there are any comments or questions or concerns, feel free to private message me by clicking here for assistance.
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