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    Welcome to this CASH Tournament sponsored by Junami and Dave

    *A replay must be taken (preferably by the group leader), if prompted and a replay is not given by any of the candidates then you will be disqualified.
    *Both parties must agree to a clan war map.
    *group leader can't be replaced (he must play).
    *Rules and regulations found here will apply.
    *Any sort of insultive behavior will not be tolerated, nor will spiking/force-lagging.
    *No spectators aside from Game Moderators or me are permitted.
    *You are not allowed to have anyone else play the tournament for you(we are able to see if you do).
    *A time will be agreed by both parties.
    *If anyone disconnects then the match will carry on. If a valid reason for the disconnection is provided then there will be a rematch. The scores prior the disconnection will however remain the same.
    *Only the items found below will be permitted, any other items found will result in a disqualification.
    *The [V] room tag must be used.
    *No donation items are allowed.
    *No use of 3rd party programs will be condoned. If anyone is caught using them, their team will be disqualified and their account will be permanently banned from the server.

    -Team Deathmatch
    -First team to win 11 rounds will be declared the winner and move onto the next round.
    -Each round will have a 3 minute time limit, similar to clan wars.

    -Any choice of clothing is permitted except avatars and donation/event clothing.
    -You can use any weapon of your choice. This includes sprayers/snipers, as long as it's level 60 or under!
    -Don't hate if the opposing team uses weapons you do not like, stay sport man like and deal with it.
    -Grenades/etc are all allowed. It is up to the player's decision what to use.

    Post below following this format;

    Once you have completed a match against your opponent, you are required to take a screenshot of the final score (must be in-game) and a replay of the full match.
    me a private message once you have completed a match

    First Place ♛
    $220 to the team captain and each player will get to choose between the Orange or Cyan Tournament Sword, Tournament Shotgun or the Snorkel.

    Second Place
    $80 the the team captain and each player will receive 100 coins.

    Third Place
    each player will receive 100 coins.


    Current Participating Teams: 16/16

    Team Name: chiraq_fictice
    Team Captain: sebastian
    Player 2: tenchi
    Player 3: mahira
    Player 4: sebasstian
    Substitute: kelly

    Team Name: ohkiritokun
    Team Captain: Kikuchi
    Player 2: AriableyeS
    Player 3: Lines
    Player 4: bananaclips
    Substitute: Mahomet

    Team Name: AK-47
    Team Captain: Rinnegan
    Player 2: Dear
    Player 3: Horror
    Player 4: Haku
    Substitute: Slay

    Team Name: Number
    Team Captain - Mate
    Player 2 - Seventeen
    Player 3 - Fourteen
    Player 4 - 2015
    Substitute - Chris

    Team Name: Tyrant
    Team Captain - 8rws
    Player 2 - asshair
    Player 3 - lilman23
    Player 4 - lilman24
    Substitute - mykneegrow

    Team Name: TPaB
    Team Captain - dsfll
    Player 2 - Voar
    Player 3 - Piatov
    Player 4 - Creatoki
    Substitute - BlueArrow

    Team Name: Pulse
    Team Captain - Sorrow
    Player 2 - god****
    Player 3 - Phatcat
    Player 4 - Rhinodab4wz
    Substitute - Yui

    Participants(include colors)
    Team name: Pro
    1. Sex
    2. Heroism
    3. Luuk
    4. Spablauw
    Substitute - (required) Neto

    Team name: Vendetta
    1. Cake (team captain)
    2. Frog
    3. Steroid
    4. Abood
    Substitute - Befit5

    Team Name: rewards4us
    Team Captain: Happylife
    Player 2: ^9Asuna^E
    Player 3: ^9Kirito^C
    Player 4: Sicle
    Substitute: Jordy

    Team Name : KingsxD
    team captain : Sheap_
    player 2 : Pizdeti
    Player 3 : SHOT_User1
    player 4 : Curor
    Substitute : Memory

    Team name: ZuLuWaRr0zzzz
    Team Captain: AFxMMMMM
    2. AFxSSSS
    3. AFxDDDD
    4. AFxAAAA
    Substitute. A***PP

    Team name: Johto
    Team Captain: straitdab4wz
    2. victorrei
    3. exploration
    4. toshio
    Substitute. bellydancer

    Team name: TeamRocket
    Team Captain: KujaWarrior
    Player 2: ^9Ricky^E
    Player 3: ^8Mol^Aten^7Lava
    Player 4: k1ng_musa
    Subsitute: Almighty

    Team name: RadioOSawa
    Participants(include colors)
    1. LagLegend
    2. Verqi
    3. Ikoma
    4. Sojin
    Substitute - Shu

    Team name: bang_lin_sin
    Team Captain - DarkenAge
    Player 2 - Pluto
    Player 3 - xghost
    Player 4 - Akimbo
    Substitute -butters

    If there are any comments or questions or concerns, feel free to private message me by clicking here for assistance.

    *Credits to kelly for writing this thread*
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