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    Aug 2016

    Date of birth:07/03/1998

    Languages (Programming and/or other):C++,HTML,PHP,Java ect...

    Skills / Experience:Hi Dude My Name Aren iam coming forum *** Gunz that gunz iam Head Developer i Made Same New items For That Gunz so i iil sa this gunz so i iil try to Some New things For this gunz so Can i join ur team And i iil Do Some thing this Gunz And i iil do Better New things And Items And Maps.i Mode New Sg Designed Shotgun And Rifl Designed Pistols And HD Set Also And Dagger And i make Some More items

    Proof of work:

    Designed Pistols

    Designed Shotgun

    Cruzelion light

    HD Set


    Is all proof of work your own work?

    yes it My own Work For *** Gunz but now i join this gunz So i iil Add this gunz....

    Closing:i iil try to make Some ne thing for this Gunz Thank you All staffs.....
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