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    Hey Freestylers,

    due to a decrease of player count and thus a decrease of donations and most of all because we believe the CW cash reward doesn't do much for the player count, we have decided to remove the CW cash prize and instead send out coins to the #1 clan too.

    The results of spending $100 USD every month on the #1 clan weren't sufficient, we believe it didn't help the player count much. It was just an overkill.

    We have also changed the CW system so resets happen automatically every week on Monday at 6 AM (~ CET) instead of every 2 weeks, and coins are sent to the clan leaders automatically every week (Monday, 6 AM).

    Automated Weekly Clan Reset every Monday at 06:00 AM:
    #1 Clan leader gets 500 coins which he can distribute.
    #2 Clan leader gets 300 coins which he can distribute.
    #3 Clan leader gets 200 coins which he can distribute.

    So every week new clans get the chance to be #1 - #3 and claim those sweet sweet coins.

    These changes take place from now on.
    (last month's winners have received their full rewards for the 2nd half of January '19 including cash)

    We have also updated the system that automatically rewards you for every 4 points you contribute to your clan, at the end of the week (Monday, 6 AM). The reward is 1 coin for every 4 points you contributed to the clan.

    In order to receive these coins it is important that 1) You do not get kicked from the clan. 2) Do not leave the clan. 3) Do not delete your character. - until every Monday, 6 AM.

    We hope you're not too sad about these changes and somewhat enjoy them too!

    Best regards,
    FreestylersWorld Staff

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    Due to changes to the number of contribution points you receive in your clan when you CW against other clans, we have adjusted the coins you get to 1 coin for every 4 contribution points.

    For example if you contribute 1000 points to your clan, you will now get a total of 250 coins in a week.
    If you contribute 80 points, you will get 20 coins, etc.
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