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    AS of right now being able to see the enemies name that currently holds the flag somewhat blends in with the rest of the team mate names. I think either the color needs to be changed to something more eye catching (pink, orange, bright blue), have the text enlarged a bit or add some kind of font change to the name, or add some kind of icon on the HUD to have a quicker detection for when the flag is taken.

    Maybe off to the right hand side of the map? Could be a circle with the flag icon in the middle of whichever color it and then the name of the player currently holding said flag next to the icon. This way players can take notice to the flag being stolen quicker.


    I'm not quite sure if the auto balance works in this mode or not...but I'm pretty sure it doesn't? If so, please make it so that when the next player dies (and the teams are unbalanced [6v9]) he/she will spawn on the team with the lower amount of players. I can see how it might be confusing for the player being balanced, so maybe add some kind of notice that the player has been switched to the other team due to imbalance.

    Spawn Trap / Camping

    I don't know how easy it would be to add in a way to avoid one team getting spawn trapped/perma pushed. I know having the player die and respawn in their base helps with this, but I think Mansion has a bad chance of one team getting trapped. Maybe add in a possibility to spawn in the other teams spawn/add in a spawn switch mechanism to prevent situations like this. I'm sure this would be a labor intensive addition, so I can understand if it's probably not plausible, given the lack of popularity of the mode. In that case, maybe extend the spawn invincibility timer by 3 or 4 seconds.
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